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At Retrophonic, we are committed to supply entry-level turntables at affordable price. Most of our record players are around SGD200 – SGD1500 range. We had to admit, that we are retro maniacs. We simply love the classic, old-fashion design of these vinyl record players. Plus, vinyl just sound way way way better than digital music.

We have both belt-drive & direct drive turntables, and turntables with ceramic & moving magnetic cartridge. There are also turntables with Bluetooth connnectivity for pairing with speakers and headphones.

Record players that we carry at the shop includes multiple brands such as TEAC, Elipson, Audio Technica, NAD (made by Rega), Lenco, House of Marley & GPO. New products are added constantly to cater for different needs. All turntables are hooked up and ready for audition and A/B comparison across various brands and make. With more than 10 types of turntables at various price point, you should be able to find one that is suitable for you.

Not sure what turntable to select? No worries, we are here to help. Just drop us an email and tell what what you have in mind in terms of budget, space constraint, preferences etc. We will see what we can help.

NAD C 556 Turntable

NAD C556 Turntable

NAD C556 Turntable


When it comes to the C 556, NAD has spent lavishly on the parts of the turntable that define its performance, and has left off the features that do nothing to improve the sound. The result is a turntable that easily outperforms others at twice the modest asking price of the C 556. The secret to a good sounding turntable is to make a rock solid mechanical connection between the platter and the pickup stylus. Any play or vibration will either add resonant colouration (making the smack of a snare drum sound like a thud) or subtract the fine detail that is the primary benefit of well-played vinyl. To achieve this goal we use special materials and techniques. The three mechanisms that make up a turntable are the platter that supports and spins the record; the tone arm, which allows the stylus to accurately track the record; and the cartridge, which transforms the vibrations in the record groove into the electrical signals that are sent to your preamplifier.

The platter of the C 556 uses a special phenolic resin that is pressure cast to create the ideal properties of being both massive and inert. The mass creates a flywheel effect that eliminates small, and very unmusical, speed variations called wow and flutter. The mass also rejects unwanted external vibrations, and combined with the extreme hardness of the phenolic material, suppresses vibrations in the audible range. This massive platter requires a precision low friction bearing to allow smooth and stable revolving motion. A special bronze body with a stainless steel ball bearing provides a point-perfect contact with the hardened steel shaft of the platter assembly. This is the ideal design for minimal friction, and a complete elimination of any play or ‘wobble’. The bearing is firmly connected to the rigid and well-damped base that provides a rigid connection to the tone arm. A precision synchronous clock motor keeps the platter spinning at exactly 33 1/3 RPM and its own vibrations are carefully isolated from the platter by a synthetic rubber belt and from the base by rubber isolation mountings.

The tone arm must have the lowest possible mass while still maintaining a rigid, vibration-free connection to the record. To achieve this contradictory goal, the C 556 uses a hand built arm featuring an alloy tube and precision bearings at the gimbal pivot. A simple counter weight balance is combined with a magnetic anti-skate bias control to make for a friction-free pivot that allows the cartridge to operate in an ideal environment.

- 5-star review by What HIFI Magazine –

Lenco L-90 Vintage Wooden Turntable

Selling price: SGD499


Lenco L-90 is a beautifully crafted, high-quality turntable. It features a solid wooden deck with smooth walnut-wood finishing. With MM cartridge, built-in phono preamp and a belt-drive system, it is an excellent choice for entry level audiophile.


  • Belt drive system
  • Moving Magnetic Cartridge (MMC)
  • Wooden deck in walnut veneering
  • Plays 2 speed – 33 rpm and 45 rpm
  • 33.2cm full-size aluminum platter
  • USB Port for PC connection to convert vinyl to digital format
  • Built-in phono pre-amplifier
  • Semi-automatic (auto start & auto stop)
  • Anti-skating & adjustable counterweight
  • Removable plastic dust cover

Audio Connections

  • Mini USB 2.0 – for connection to PC/Mac
  • RCA output – for connection to amplifiers/receivers

Included in the package

  • Shure MMC cartridge
  • Aluminium headset
  • USB cable
  • Software CD for audio conversion
  • User manual




Suitcase Turntables with Built-in Battery & USB Connection (LY-118)

Update on 16 May, 2013: This model is out of stock until further notice.

This exciting new model LY-118 is a portable unit packed in a nice synthetic leather suitcase. The built-in battery can last for 8 hours of continuous record playing. It support 3 speeds (33, 45, 78 rpm) with the standard USB connection for conversion to MP3 music.

Selling price: SGD350

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3-speed Retro Turntable with USB Encoding and Radio (LY-116B)

Update on 16 May, 2013: This model is out of stock until further notice.

3-speed turntable (33, 45, 78 rpm). Comes with AM/FM radio, built in front speakers (10 watt) and semi-automatic belt-drive System. We are glad to announce that all new models of our record players now comes with USB connection that allows you to connect your player to PC/Mac, and convert you vinyls into MP3. The package includes a free conversion software called Audacity, compatible with PC/Mac.

This model comes in 2 colours – birch and walnut.

Read this articles for a comparison between 2 of our most popular record players: LY-116b vs LY-118

Selling price: SGD250

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