New eCommerce Website Launched

Retrophonic is happy to announce that we have just launched HiFi Shop @ Retrophonic, an eCommerce website dedicated for HiFi equipment, turntables, amplifiers, speakers, phono accessories and other very poisonous toys. You can now purchase them online, pay by credit card / Paypal, and have them delivered to you. Easy peasy.

hifi shop@Retrophonic

Vinyl Record is Alive Again

Vinyl records is definitely making a strong comeback. This music medium, thought to be extinct has seen increase sales recently. Even new releases, such as Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, comes in vinyl format.

I played my first vinyl album in 2011 – a Frank Sinatra, and I am immediately captured by the warmer sound quality of records. Records are analogue music, and the sound quality is better than CD, DVD and of course, MP3. Read here for details

Within months, we setup a new boutique record shop in Singapore and start selling vinyl records, LPs, singles and record players. What started as a personal hobby now becomes a small business. That’s how Retrophonic Records is born.

As this is a hobbyist business, we don’t have a full blown shop front. The current ‘shop’ is a little corner that we setup within our main design company – Netsarius. If you wish to visit us, kindly called 6220 8489 to confirm availability. Most of time, we are open Mon-Fri: 9am – 6pm.