TT-182W was our flagship product in 2011, the first year when Retrophonic started operations. It is widely popular, helping Retrophonic establish a foothold in the entry level record player market within few months. The last unit was sold in October 2012 and we’ve officially retired this model.

We must say that TT-182W is a decent record player. Read our review here. Customers loved it for the FM/AM radio and the free pairs of external speakers which are pretty loud. The price tag is perfect at SGD200.

To date, we still have frequent enquiries about this model. Many of you asked, why we don’t sell this anymore? This article serve to answer this question.

Reason 1 – Supply Issue

This record player is made for UK brand Murphy. Retrophonic managed to secure the remainder stock in small quantities. Once Murphy stopped ordering from the manufacturer, there’s no more new stock.

Reason 2 – Lack of Support

Supplier for TT-182W is a trading company. A few units turn out faulty and they are not able to provide any support, spare parts, suggestions or warranty.

It is a blessing in disguise really. We are glad that after months of sourcing, we established good relation with current supplier, who is the actual manufacturer of LY-118 and LY116B record players. With their help and knowledge, we are now able to service and repair all our turntables. This will certainly benefit our customers. Some of the spare parts supplied can even be used on TT-182W.

Reason 3 – Line Out Connection Limitations

TT-182W has line out connection at the back while our new models all use AUX out. While line out is perfectly ok for most audio applications, vinyl music offers a different challenge – noise. With line out, the voice signal is bigger than AUX out, which means more noise as well.

It also limit customers’ ability to connect to their receivers / amplifiers because the signal is already amplified. Amplifying the signal twice could make it louder, but certainly not better. In fact, there will be more distortion and noise. Noise (as in clicks and pops) could sometimes be unbearable and render the music not listenable.

AUT out makes the record players extendable to connection to HIFI & stereo music system.

Reason 4 – Lack of USB Connection

I must say that I’m not a fan of USB connection. First of all, it adds a 60Hz hum which affects the the sound quality (only audible in high volume). It also increases of the overall cost for the construction of the player (which explains why our new entry level are selling at SGD250 now).

However, most customers seem to prefer USB connection for the sake of having it in case one day the need to convert to MP3 arise. Fair enough. Hence, USB becomes a standard feature for most all-in-one record players nowadays.

So there you go.

Ah, there’s a reason 5. The LY116b comes in 2 colours – birch and walnut. More choices for a player that matches your home deco, why not?