I’m writing this based on my personal experience. It was a faithful day when I left my favourite vinyl record on turntable over night. To my horror, there are 3 rubber marks on the record. No matter what I use to clean or rub, I couldn’t get rid of them.

These marks are created by the 3 rubber movement stoppers on the platters. Surface marks could spoil the vinyl quality and it is just an eye sore. I did some googling and found that this can be prevented by using a turntable mat.

Here’s the reasons why you need a table mat

1. To protect your vinyl from rubber mark

2. To provide cushion and grip, which serve to damp the vibration between record & platter

3. It is pretty cool to have a matching mat with your turntable

Mat can be made from rubber, felt cloth, cork. etc. We found that felt cloth is the perfect choice for entry level turntables because of availability. Felt also comes in various colours & patterns, make it easy for us to create trendy mats.

If you are keen to explore more about platter mat, here are some links for you reading pleasure