Both turntables are our flagship products in 2012 and we are pretty satisfied about the build & sound quality. Customers are happy about them too, all thumbs up. So, what’s the difference between these two? Which one is suitable for you?

Here’s a quick comparison of the features:


 Drive system  Belt drive  Belt drive
 Stylus  Ceramic  Ceramic
 Turntable speed  33, 45, 78 rpm  33, 45, 78 rpm
 RCA AUX OUT  Yes  Yes
 USB connection  Yes  Yes
 Power supply  AC 198-242 V  DC 5V/500mA with
built-in rechargeable
battery & USB charger
 Portable?  No  Yes. The player comes
in a suitcase design
with battery power
 Built-in speakers  Yes. 2 front-firing speakers.
8 Ohms, 1 Watt
 Yes. 2 side-facing speakers.
4 Ohms, 1 Watt
 FM/AM Radio  Yes  No
 Dust cover  Yes  No
 Selling price  SGD250  SGD350


The pickup mechanism (stylus, tonearm etc), connectivities and playable speeds are the same for both turntables. The selling price for LY-118 is higher due the materials used for the suitcase and the battery.

Choose LY-116B if

  • The turntable is intended for display in your living room/bed room
  • FM/AM radio is a must have feature for you
  • You want an absolute basic vinyl record player.

Choose LY-118 if

  • Freedom is top priority and you like to bring your vinyl music around
  • You want a cool gadget to surprise your friends
  • You fancy the idea of reliving the glamour days of yesteryear’s travel frenzy

In part II of this topic, we will discuss the sound quality. That’s coming up in few weeks time.