About Retrophonic

Retrophonic is a boutique vinyl record shop in Singapore. We started in 2011 as a hobbyist business where we setup a small corner within our web design business and call it a ‘shop’. The original location was at 39b Keong Saik Road. The original shop only has 1 turntable, one rack with 300 records and that’s it. A very humble beginning indeed.

Since May 2013, we have moved to a new place at Chinatown Plaza. This is a 200 sqft shop front, tucked away in a solitary location within CBD area, between Tanjong Pagar & Outram Park. In 2014, we rented a warehouse unit next door. Business is thriving.

By November 2016, the shop has expanded and we re-located our main showroom to a 400 sqft unit at 02-08. This new space does not feel like a conventional record shop at all. If you have a chance to visit us, you will notice that it feels like a living room, and a library. It is an intimate space, much like your home. We love the idea that this cozy space allows our visitors to chillax, hangout and enjoy the music. No frills, no pressure to buy, no hard-sell sales person; just like your own private listening room.